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Heather Berlin

Deepak Chopra & Heather Berlin

Show: One World

Dr. Berlin is a leading voice in the ongoing research field that studies the neural basis of impulsivity, compulsivity, consciousness and the unconscious processes. She uses neuroimaging and neuropsychological techniques to better understand the complexity of our minds.

Benjamin Patton

Deepak Chopra & Benjamin Patton

Show: One World

As General George S. Patton's grandson, Ben Patton is leading his own fight with Patton Veterans Project & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Luc Montagnier

Deepak Chopra & Luc Montagnier

Show: One World

Leading the team that isolated HIV1 as well as HIV2 in 1983, Professor Luc Montagnier was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine, and his discovery of HIV in 2008.

Michael Bronner

Deepak Chopra & Michael Bronner

Show: One World

As Digitas, Upromise & Unreal Founder, Michael Bronner uses social mission as a basis for his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Donald DeGracia

Deepak Chopra & Donald DeGracia

Show: One World

Donald DeGracia questions the nature of human experience by examining Eastern and Western medical practices. He believes that by understanding the intricacies of the yogic traditions, there is potential to fully understand the link between the mental and physical worlds.

Gary Hirshberg

Deepak Chopra & Gary Hirshberg

Show: One World

Chairman of Stonyfield Farm, Gary Hirshberg, launched 'Just Label It', a project formed to educate and empower consumers by promoting the benefits of organic food and by advocating for mandatory GMO labeling.

Michelle King Robson

Deepak Chopra & Michelle King Robson

Show: One World

EmpowHER.com founder and CEO, Michelle King Robson is a nationally recognized women’s health and wellness advocate and entrepreneur focusing on improving women’s health.

Sugar Ray Leonard

Deepak Chopra & Sugar Ray Leonard

Show: One World

Sugar Ray Leonard is a champion in the boxing ring, a charismatic individual who has a passion for helping communities. His foundation, the Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation, and continually supports the life-changing programs at the Center for Endocrinology, Diabetes, & Metabolism at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Joe Cross

Matthew Bishop & Joe Cross

Show: Philanthrocapitalism

Having his documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead viewed by more than 5 million people worldwide, Joe Cross founded Reboot Your Life encouraging people toward a better lifestyle

Yuko's Story

Matthew Bishop & Yuko's Story

Show: Urban Yogis

Cancer Recovery and Yoga - Getting an in-depth look at the relationship between her struggle with cancer and her art, Yuko Kodama shares her inspiring story of healing and transformation and the role of yoga in her recovery.

Robert Thurman

Deepak Chopra & Robert Thurman

Show: One World

One of the most influential Americans & expert on Tibetan Buddhism, author & father of actress Uma Thurman, Prof. Robert Thurman is ordained as Buddhist monk by H.H. the Dalai Lama & a scholar-activist conveying precious teachings of Siddhartha.

Emily Abrams

Deepak Chopra & Emily Abrams

Show: One World

At just 19, Emily Abrams believes climate change is her generation’s defining issue and published her 1st book “Don’t Cook the Planet” featuring 70 recipes from a variety of chefs, politicians, celebrities & environmental activists.


Deepak Chopra & Moby

Show: Urban Yogis

Music, Health, and Yoga - Moby discusses his yoga practice and the ways to improve his short-term and long-term health to bring him closer to spiritual awakening. See him in conversation here with his longtime friend and yoga instructor, Eddie Stern!

Dr. Cori Bargmann

Deepak Chopra & Dr. Cori Bargmann

Show: One World

From the neurological stimuli of one of the smallest creates on earth to the Head of the Advisory Committee for the president’s Brain Initiative, Dr. Cori Bargmann is one of the top scientists in the neurological field. Her work continually shines a light on the connectivity of the universe.

Russell Brand

Deepak Chopra & Russell Brand

Show: Urban Yogis

Inspiration from the Dalai Lama - Russell Brand discusses his transformation through yoga and meeting the Dalai Lama in Manchester at an event to help the British deal with violence and frustration in their lives.

Dr. Anirban Bandyopadhyay

Deepak Chopra & Dr. Anirban Bandyopadhyay

Show: One World

With a doctorate in supramolecular electronics, Anirban Bandyopadhyay and his colleagues invented nano brain, an artificial molecular device that mimics a fundamental hardware feature of our brain.

Russell Simmons

Deepak Chopra & Russell Simmons

Show: One World

With an impactful and perceptive outlook on life, wellbeing and business, Russell Simmons is a game changer. He is a devoted yogi, a strict vegan, and a magnate who supports conscientious living and inner peace which also allow his creativity to continue to flow, influencing our main stream media for the better.

Lauren Anderson

Deepak Chopra & Lauren Anderson

Show: One World

To help prevent teenage suicide, Lauren Anderson implements programs in high schools that reduce stigma and empower youth to seek help.

Dr. Linda Bender

Deepak Chopra & Dr. Linda Bender

Show: One World

Endorsed by Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra , Rupert Sheldrake, Dr. Larry Dossey, Dr Linda Bender's latest book Animal Wisdom illuminates the undeniable ability for animals to restore our ecological, emotional and spiritual balance.

Vani Hari

Deepak Chopra & Vani Hari

Show: One World

“The Food Babe,” Vani Hari, has helped people choose sustainably produced goods that lead to healthier and happier lives. New York Times Best-Selling author and activist against some of the top food brands in the US, Hari promotes wellness and wellbeing.

Dr. Andrew Crighton

Deepak Chopra & Dr. Andrew Crighton

Show: One World

Prudential Financial’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Andrew Crighton oversees Prudential’s medical clinics, fitness facilities, Employee Assistance Program, Work Life & Accommodation programs of 40,000 employees across the globe.

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