Becoming a pioneer in digital media over the last decade, our broadcast networks NEWSWIREFM & HEALTHWIREFM are the only channels to reach viewers across every country & territories in the world.

HEALTHWIREFM features a variety of topics around our version of a healthy lifestyle. From worldly expeditions, dialogues around the greatest questions of our time, to lessons by the most sought after teachers.

What makes HEALTHWIREFM so unique is that you can literally watch our shows on all continents & time zones, so you can practice anytime & anywhere. During a business trip, holiday, from New York City, the beach, to the base of Mount Everest.

You can subscribe at $4.99/ month or $44.99/ year, giving you access to all our shows and lessons with unlimited reruns across HEALTHWIREFM and NEWSWIREFM, or watch our featured shows - our linear broadcasting - free of charge, all day every day, on LIVE TV. Easy breezy options. Enjoy!