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Sebastian Copeland's Across The Ice: The Greenland Victory March

Sebastian Copeland’s second feature documentary Across the Ice chronicles a record-setting expedition covering 2300 km of Greenland’s south to north axis on skis and kites, lasting 42 days. This journey, accompanied by fellow adventure partner and friend, Eric McNair-Landry, netted a Guinness Book World Record for the longest distance traveled (595km) in 24 hours. The team faced ferocious storms, restless nights and sub-zero temperatures yet overcame all obstacles for a historical adventure that triumphs fearless individuals and embraces true heart. This is their story.

1:30:00 |2015

Tags: Sebastian Copeland Adventures,Guiness Book World Record,

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About this movie

Featuring:Sebastian Copeland & Eric McNair-Landry

Feature Documentary

Studio:Sebastian Copeland