Dr. Raphael Kellman

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One World - Health Special

Dr. Raphael Kellman: The Importance Of A Healthy Microbiom, A Healthy Gut

Dr. Chopra and Dr. Raphael Kellman, founder of the Kellman Center and a specialist in Microbiom, explain in this episode how the Microbiom are trillions of bacteria in our gut, outnumbering our human cells, 10 to 1. These bacteria play a role in metabolism and gut function, a critical role in immune function, and a critical role in the function of the brain. This is something the Western medical practices have terribly overlooked until recently. About 20 to 30% of chemicals circulating in our blood are the metabolic product of these bacteria, cross-talking back and forward with the human genome. The Microbiom is the master key to a healthy immune system as well as healthy brain function, something ancient tradition have known for thousands of years!

22:10 | 2015

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