Dr. William Davis

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One World - Health Special

Dr. William Davis: The Shocking Benefits Of A Wheat-Free Diet

With a world plagued by terrible levels of blood sugar, like diabetes and heart disease, cardiologist, and bestselling author of Wheat Belly, Dr. William Davis and Dr. Chopra discuss in this show the importance of controlling your blood sugar level and modifying our diet by removing all modern wheat. For example, whole-wheat bread has a higher glycemic index then traditional table sugar. Having his patients remove wheat for 3 months, Dr. Davis noticed blood levels had significantly dropped and astonishingly also other disorder like acid reflux, joint pain, asthma, arthritis, rashes, irritable bowl syndrome, or anxiety had been reduced or completely gone. Dr. Davis give great insight to why he is a crusader for the wheat-free, grain-free lifestyle!

31:14 | 2014

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